Pumpkin Waffles with Cinnamon, Banana, and Real Maple Syrup

This morning I was too lazy to cook an egg… but I was not lazy to make waffles. Go figure. My stomach knows what it wants.

I found this recipe in a magazine while I was working out at Anytime Fitness. I went home and looked online to get it for myself. I must share this healthy, filling breakfast.

Health Magazine’s Pumpkin Pancakes

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Raspberry Lemon Zest Lactose Free Muffins

So I’ve been experimenting with baking and trying to find a “no butter” option for a sweet. I wanted to use a veggie in it instead, so I used Avocados. I’m sure you could switch it out for apple sauce if you want to do that too. This is my recipe that I ended up with after 3 trials.

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Support Your Artists! Sarah Ann Loreth Photography needs you!

My friend Sarah Ann Loreth is in a contest and needs that final push in the last 17 hours of the contest. It would only take a second and mean the world to this amazing photographer.  ^.^ She is trying to be part of the

Design artwork for Florence + The Machine.

“I could really really use a last strong push from you guys. Please keep voting and sharing. I’m in 3rd place with 1000+ votes and the person behind me is catching up. If all of you could just vote 1 time it would get me past 4000!” ~Sarah

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Heart Healthy Beans and Rice


We are having a crazy night right now. Wednesdays usually is Italian night at my parent’s house, but no one was in the mood to make anything. I really wanted to share my mozzarella filled meatballs with spaghetti, but I will save that for next week. Tonight I made up one of my favorite “quick and healthy” meals.

I’m just going to call it Bean Heatr Healthy Beans and Rice and you’ll see why:

Things you will need:

– 10 baby carrots

– Fresh or canned artichoke hearts

– 1 can of black beans

– 1 can of white kidney beans

– Chives or Leeks

– Cup of brown rice

– Marinara Sauce



-Black Pepper

– Tsp of minced garlic


1. I like to get the rice started first because it can take the longest. If you have a rice cooker (which I suggest investing in), put 2 1/2 cups of water in with your brown rice.Chop up your carrots and place them in with your rice. They will steam and cook wonderfully. You can cook the rice the regular way in a pot too if you do not have a rice cooker for about 15-20 minutes covered and on low after letting the water boil.

2. Place your marinara sauce in a pot and place on low heat. This will give you time to cut up the rest of your veggies/open your cans. Start putting the veggies and beans into the pot with the marinara. After about 5-10 minutes place in your garlic and spices. Give it another ten minutes or so to heat through on med heat while stirring occasionally.

3. When rice/carrots are done you can place your sauce mixture on top in a bowl. Feel free to have fun exploring different veggies in this. It’s just a great healthy quick meal that serves at least 4 people. Considering I went back for 2 more servings… What? It’s delicious!

Add some sour cream on top too or some more fresh cilantro on top for color.

Anyways, hope you enjoy!



Protein Pack Snack

As you will soon learn, I am in love with Starbucks. One thing I love to get there is the protein pack, but I don’t enjoy paying a good six dollars for it. When I get tired and I feel I need a boost, I look towards healthy protein. Protein is excellent to give you a boost of energy and is much more filling than that muffin you were looking at. The only thing missing in this picture would be the hard-boiled egg and the apple slices. Hard boil eggs I like to cut up into small slices. You eat it much slower, and you psych yourself into thinking you are getting more. Here I took the Thomas 100 calorie multi-grain English muffin (if I had the egg I would only use one slice and not the whole thing. It’s fewer calories and you don’t need it if you have your egg.)

I’m actually allergic to thin-skinned fruits; an allergy that showed up a couple of years ago. For some reason grapes and berries don’t bother me. I can eat apples though if they are cooked. I miss the experience of biting into a fresh, raw apple.  Instead of peanut butter (none in the house because my brother is highly allergic), I used soy nut butter. I like the stuff cause it’s close enough. You only need a little bit too. The cheese is low-fat cheddar, and of course I needed my tea with lemon.

This is a great collection of food that is cheaper to make on your own than buying at Starbucks. I’ve been too afraid to buy their food anyway since I found out my allergy to tree nuts. It happens. So next time you are at a loss for a filling, healthy snack, I suggest this idea.

Happy eating!

PS: Working on a new recipe. Getting a taste test tonight by my friends Erin and Ryan. Giving Erin the bundt pan that I got her for Christmas. I can’t wait to see the delicious cakes or monkey bread she makes. More updates soon ^.^

Mocha Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

Sometimes you just get in a mood where you want a flavor in your mouth and you want it now. Most would just drive to the store or dive into their pantry in hope of finding something close enough to fufill that craving. Not me. I bake that cupcake if I’m craving it. Got to make myself work for that delicious sweet. So one night I craved mocha badly. I had just bought these new sprinkles from Trader Joes that would be perfect on them. Such cute cocoa pearls must be used.


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Tuesday Morning’s Apron

My name is Alicia. Alicia Darling to my Great Aunt Alice.

A couple of months ago I walked into a Tuesday Morning with my mother and Nana. It was the first time I walked into the store, and there hidden next to a vibrant orange Le Creuset pot was this mix matched apron. I fell in love with it, and I knew it was the cheer that I needed to finally get through the winter. I dreamed of the things I would bake while wearing it and all the meals I would cook. They bought it for me. From that moment I knew I wanted to express myself through food.

Before this piece of cloth inspired me to test the waters of baking (an area that always ended with everything tasting like corn bread.. even if there was no corn), I was at a loss for a hobby that I could find passion in. Yes, I had finished a marathon the year prior. Yes, I got my CDL to drive a school bus. At 23, I am still lost as to what I wish to do with my life. So here I am. Writing about what I know I love and can continue to find a curiosity for: Food.

Everyone wants my cookies!

You will find a lot of the food I post will range from healthy options to allergy sensitive recipes. I’m allergic to tree nuts, and I have a brother who is allergic to both nuts and peanuts. At the moment I live with my parents so I will avoid cooking/baking with peanuts at home. This seems to be a very common allergy, and I’ll be glad to post up other options for gluten free or lactose free. I plan to make all of my peanut foods at my friend’s kitchens.

I hope to have guest bakers and cooks to show the talent and ideas that my friends are willing to share. Books can have some great options too, but I have found that a lot my base inspiration can come from other Food Blog lovers like me.

The point is; food should taste good. Healthy is important, but I won’t want to eat it if it tastes funky. Sometimes you even make some mistakes and instead of a vegan bean brownie you get something that tastes like cocoa bean dip.

Big Red 🙂

For Christmas my parents bought me a red Kitchenaid mixer. If you don’t have one, I highly suggest investing the money in it. Not only are they lifetime guarantee, but they are so efficient. I plan to buy the extra parts to expand my comfort zone in the art of cooking. My Nana sent me my great grandmother’s apron. Apparently she was a genius in the kitchen that worked on pure talent and made everything from scratch. I hope some of that rubbed off on me or will.

I’m in love with Farmer’s Markets and learning where my food is from. A lot of my posts might include some trips to local farms and markets near me. I want to interview people and not only make food, but understand it. I love artisans and the work they can produce with the ingredients we love. Be prepared for crafts and DIY projects.

The sheep are not for sale. But the veggies around the corner are!

So please enjoy my journey. It’s going to be a wild and rocky ride… and just a little cracked.