Protein Pack Snack

As you will soon learn, I am in love with Starbucks. One thing I love to get there is the protein pack, but I don’t enjoy paying a good six dollars for it. When I get tired and I feel I need a boost, I look towards healthy protein. Protein is excellent to give you a boost of energy and is much more filling than that muffin you were looking at. The only thing missing in this picture would be the hard-boiled egg and the apple slices. Hard boil eggs I like to cut up into small slices. You eat it much slower, and you psych yourself into thinking you are getting more. Here I took the Thomas 100 calorie multi-grain English muffin (if I had the egg I would only use one slice and not the whole thing. It’s fewer calories and you don’t need it if you have your egg.)

I’m actually allergic to thin-skinned fruits; an allergy that showed up a couple of years ago. For some reason grapes and berries don’t bother me. I can eat apples though if they are cooked. I miss the experience of biting into a fresh, raw apple.  Instead of peanut butter (none in the house because my brother is highly allergic), I used soy nut butter. I like the stuff cause it’s close enough. You only need a little bit too. The cheese is low-fat cheddar, and of course I needed my tea with lemon.

This is a great collection of food that is cheaper to make on your own than buying at Starbucks. I’ve been too afraid to buy their food anyway since I found out my allergy to tree nuts. It happens. So next time you are at a loss for a filling, healthy snack, I suggest this idea.

Happy eating!

PS: Working on a new recipe. Getting a taste test tonight by my friends Erin and Ryan. Giving Erin the bundt pan that I got her for Christmas. I can’t wait to see the delicious cakes or monkey bread she makes. More updates soon ^.^

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