Quick Sweet/Sour Strawberry Lovin’

I need a better camera… Beyond that, YUM! Trader Joes actually got me into this one. Great for at parties and not bad for you at all! 80 cals for like 8 I was told. You don’t even eat that many. Very filling and a great afternoon sweet snack.

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“Pretty Little Liars” Veggie Lasagna

We all have a guilty pleasure show. In high school, it was Buffy the Vampire slayer while hanging on the phone with my best friend Kelly as we watched it together after school. Now? It’s Pretty Little Liars. Yes, I understand they are in high school and I am totally not… but it’s a great murder mystery.

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Dinner Parties

If you could ask me what was one thing I loved about being an adult, it would have to be the dinner shared between friends. Social and no BS. Just good laughter for a short couple of hours as crafted pieces of delicious food is passed in a circle; hand to hand.

With the craziness that goes on within our everyday lives, it’s rare that my own family sits together. When we do sit together, the tv is turned on and we sit in solitude next to one another. The food is devoured, but not savored. The company is passed and not cherished. I think this is why I get so happy when it’s not just a drinking party among my friends. It’s more than that. They are finally hitting the point where we love to share our talents and express our joy for each other. This night we celebrated our friends born in February.

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Loving Post Valentine’s Day Sales

Who doesn’t love savings? The thing that I love about post Valentine’s Day is that hearts aren’t related to any specific time in the year unlike a christmas cookie cutter or a pumpkin shape. Even then I would debate it, because who cares? So I picked up some cute stuff from the sales rack at Kohls. The chocolate and the cute little white squirrel (who I named Chi Chi) are from my bus students. Aren’t they awesome? ^.^

Get out there! Grab that adorable red and pink supplies for the cheap and bring some love to your table!

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Blueberry Bundt Cake with Cinnamon Brown Sugar Glaze

My inspiration for this recipe came from me trying to escape to my “happy place” in my head as the bus full of kids kept talking all at once. I dreamed of yogurt, cake, and fresh blueberries. Bundt cakes are my favorite type of cake. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that you know what your slice is going to look like, and you never really need that much frosting. A glaze is so much easier to make and so much nicer on my stomach.

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Simple Gifts Bring the Most Joy

I had promised my cousin Eddie that I would make him some chocolate chip cookies last month, but last month I kept catching colds. I’m good! So I thought to bake up some before the kids on my bus decided to sneeze another cold my way. When I make gifts for people, I like to really make them look like something you could buy at a store.

I used my mini muffin pan that I bought at Jo Ann Fabrics from a gift card one of my students gave me. I have some really cute Valentine’s Day cupcake paper cups that I plan to use too. I still had a jar left over from my homemade Christmas gifts that I bought at Christmas Tree Shop for about a dollar. The labels are actually dissolvable, so I can reuse the jars. I like to pick up some extra jars to fill up my rice, beans, and other dry ingredients to make them more organized.

The cookies are just the one from the back of the Hershey chocolate chip bag. When it comes to chocolate chip cookies, I love this recipe. I’ve used it since I was little. A lot of butter, but it’s delicious. So next time you wish to make up a cute gift for a loved one, try a simple mason jar, some fabric, and a ribbon to place your sweets in.

I thought about trying to make Soy Nut Butter cookies sometime this weekend as an alternative to the regular Peanut Butter cookies. I’ll keep you posted. Mom and I are also going to whip up a pot of this beef stew that made me never want to touch another kind of beef stew. It has golden raisins in it. Pictures and recipe up this weekend ❤

Happy baking!



My cousin got the cookies! He even eats them all fancy-like. hehe

Trinity Pie

This is a favorite of my family. We have made this since I was a little girl, and my dad was served it as a kid. It’s one of those meals where I feel I need to share considering there is so much history to it. It’s a part of me, and I love how food can tell stories. My dad told me “Don’t give away the family secret meal! You’re like the Bush’s beans dog!”, but I feel like I’m not really giving it away. I’m sharing something that was filled with love and looked forward to.

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Mango Glazed Salmon Maki


Sushi ^.^

I used to make the “poor girl” version of sushi when I lived in my old apartment: regular rice, canned tuna, carrots, avocado, and the seaweed wrap. Since that time, I’ve come a long way. Tonight I decided I wanted to make up my own sushi (cooked fish though… I don’t trust Hannaford’s fish… need to find a good fish market). In this recipe, the mango glaze is made from scratch. It tastes great on fish or chicken too. So even if you never make this sushi at home, you can take the glaze recipe to spice up your meals.

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