Mango Glazed Salmon Maki


Sushi ^.^

I used to make the “poor girl” version of sushi when I lived in my old apartment: regular rice, canned tuna, carrots, avocado, and the seaweed wrap. Since that time, I’ve come a long way. Tonight I decided I wanted to make up my own sushi (cooked fish though… I don’t trust Hannaford’s fish… need to find a good fish market). In this recipe, the mango glaze is made from scratch. It tastes great on fish or chicken too. So even if you never make this sushi at home, you can take the glaze recipe to spice up your meals.

I never realized how much process went into preparing rice. The short grain rice used for sushi has to be strained in cold water until the water isn’t cloudy anymore. Then after the water comes out clear you need to let it sit in a strainer for 30-60 minutes. Yeah… I was worried about my patience, but apparently I can do it. Just worked on the Glaze while I waited and cut up my salmon fillets. I failed to realize how much 2lbs of salmon actually got me until I laid it out. You really don’t need that much for this. 6 ounce fillet for 2 rolls is plenty.


  • 1 cup rice makes 3 cups cooked. (Makes about 3-4 large rolls.)
  • 1/8 cup rice vinegar (use 1/4 for every 6 cooked cups you make)
  • 1 cup water and 3 Tablespoons of cold water

I have a rice cooker so I just throw it in, but follow whatever your box of short grain rice asks for. Once the rice is finished add your 1/8 cup of rice vinegar to the rice. Mix it up.

Mango Glaze:

  • 2 Tablespoons soy sauce (low sodium is my preference)
  • 1 teaspoon minced ginger
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 teaspoon rice vinegar
  • 6 ounces mango nectar

– Place the ingredients together in a saucepan and bring it to a boil. After you get it to a boil, bring it down to a simmer, uncovered for about 15 minutes.

– Take a strainer and strain your glaze into a bowl to get out all the chunky stuff and cinnamon stick.

It should look look reduced in size.

Now for the Salmon:

– Set your oven to broil, and place the fillets in for 5 minutes.

-After 5 minutes, take out and put a light layer of the mango glaze on and cook for another 3-4 minutes.

Everything done? Wonderful! Now to set up your sushi area. You can get these in your local supermarket, and they are wicked cheap.

  1. Lay seaweed wrap on top of your bamboo mat.
  2. Take some of your ready rice and spread it out on the seaweed. Make sure it covers it evenly and all over the one side. If you want to have the rice on the outside of your sushi, add your sesame seeds to the rice and then flip the whole thing over. The rice should stick so just flip it so you have the other side that’s green facing up at you.
  3. Add your fish and other filling (I picked carrots and cucumbers and cut them up into thin strips) and place near the end of the seaweed closest to you in a horizontal line. When you have added what you wanted you simply take the end closest to you and roll the sushi.  Great instructions on how to: Sushi Rolling
  4. Cut and take a spoon and drizzle your mango glaze on top of each piece.
  5. Serve and enjoy with your favorite Oolong Tea!


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