Simple Gifts Bring the Most Joy

I had promised my cousin Eddie that I would make him some chocolate chip cookies last month, but last month I kept catching colds. I’m good! So I thought to bake up some before the kids on my bus decided to sneeze another cold my way. When I make gifts for people, I like to really make them look like something you could buy at a store.

I used my mini muffin pan that I bought at Jo Ann Fabrics from a gift card one of my students gave me. I have some really cute Valentine’s Day cupcake paper cups that I plan to use too. I still had a jar left over from my homemade Christmas gifts that I bought at Christmas Tree Shop for about a dollar. The labels are actually dissolvable, so I can reuse the jars. I like to pick up some extra jars to fill up my rice, beans, and other dry ingredients to make them more organized.

The cookies are just the one from the back of the Hershey chocolate chip bag. When it comes to chocolate chip cookies, I love this recipe. I’ve used it since I was little. A lot of butter, but it’s delicious. So next time you wish to make up a cute gift for a loved one, try a simple mason jar, some fabric, and a ribbon to place your sweets in.

I thought about trying to make Soy Nut Butter cookies sometime this weekend as an alternative to the regular Peanut Butter cookies. I’ll keep you posted. Mom and I are also going to whip up a pot of this beef stew that made me never want to touch another kind of beef stew. It has golden raisins in it. Pictures and recipe up this weekend ❤

Happy baking!



My cousin got the cookies! He even eats them all fancy-like. hehe

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