Dinner Parties

If you could ask me what was one thing I loved about being an adult, it would have to be the dinner shared between friends. Social and no BS. Just good laughter for a short couple of hours as crafted pieces of delicious food is passed in a circle; hand to hand.

With the craziness that goes on within our everyday lives, it’s rare that my own family sits together. When we do sit together, the tv is turned on and we sit in solitude next to one another. The food is devoured, but not savored. The company is passed and not cherished. I think this is why I get so happy when it’s not just a drinking party among my friends. It’s more than that. They are finally hitting the point where we love to share our talents and express our joy for each other. This night we celebrated our friends born in February.

My friend Elise, (and I wish I took the photo of her meal), had crafted this display of roasted chicken, green beans with pine nuts, and spiced mashed potatoes. I felt slightly disappointed I would have to miss out on the green beans, when a small plate was revealed from the microwave… they had made me a nut free plate of the green beans. I felt this joy rush through me as I noticed the care, time, and thoughtfulness existing around me. Erin made the most fudge filled brownies that made my mouth crave for more.

One of my best friends, Kelly, let me borrow a dress for the occasion, and shared her sparkling cider. I baked a cake for them, and she licked the spoon of the milk chocolate glaze as I finished getting ready.For once, we actually were early to something too! (Kelly is usually 20 minutes late to everything or so the joke goes) Here we were on time, and all of us decked out in our nicest clothes. I was so proud to share this cake recipe with my friends. My recipe. It’s a chocolate chip cake with milk chocolate glaze. I used the yogurt recipe one from the blueberry cake, but I changed it to french vanilla yogurt instead.

As we shoved the only candle we could find into that cake, we sang a happy birthday to the glow of that one candle. This is the reason why I love food. Food builds community. Food is bonding.

Thank you for a wonderful night and a delicious meal.




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