Personalize Your Kitchen

I made this for my mom for Christmas. She is totally in love with dragonflies, and it’s hard finding something to match exactly your personality with colors of your kitchen. This is a very easy project. You will need:

  • Picture Frame
  • Charm (you can get it at a local craft store. It’s nice cause it really brings out the main drawing)
  • Fine tip marker
  • Scrapbook paper print of your choice. 2 Different patterns or shades of color.
  • Glue Stick
  • Glue Gun/glue sticks for it
  • Markers/color pencils/paint

You can use stencils if you can’t draw freehand for your picture or whatever you want to do for a design. Even if you want to get stencils for the writing, this is all free style. An easy project that you can make your own. I will probably make one for myself with sunflowers when I get my own place again. It’s just a great gift if you want to give someone something unique or they love their kitchen.

This past Christmas was a homemade theme. You’d think that it’d be cheaper, but not always so. Still need to learn to buy off-season (learning-> me), but it’s so satisfying when you finish a present and know that only that person will having something made by you. Got the idea to make these scrabble coasters from this Etsy post. We actually had an old scrabble game that my parents were going to throw out and I figured I could make something out of them. I made other ones that had to do with Yarn for my friend Chrissy. These were for my Godmother. I also bought chalkboard spray paint and sprayed the bottom part of 4 wine glasses with them.

In other news, I got invited to another dinner party at Erin’s on Monday. Hopefully my camera will not be temperamental. Looking forward to tasting her cooking and sharing good times with friends. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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