Dreaming of Spring

I was looking through old photos of my first apartment, and I found some pictures that I took of the chairs I painted. I love bright colors. We had a porch, and I wanted the outside to glow. A place to read and bring inspiration. I was so happy making these. All you need is a couple of old chairs and some spray paint and some base color paint. Who cares about matching.. surprise me.

I love spirals…

I really miss not having my own space. I will have to try this project again in the future. These plain chairs were actually left here by the previous owners. A great way to reuse old furniture and really make it your own. I can’t believe I ended up giving these away too. Fool! As you can notice I did the table too. I had planned on doing flower boxes along the railing, but I never got around to it. So looking forward to starting my garden this year. Now all I need is the snow to melt away.

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