Starting My Seeds

Things I plan to grow: Spinach, cauliflower, peas, carrots, cantaloupe, turnip, catnip, sunflowers, butternut squash, winter squash, garden beans, tomatoes, onions, California poppies, eggplant, true lavender, Calendula, Chinese Forget- Me- Nots, Watermelon radish (these are cool looking!), mesclun, crimson sweet watermelons, kale, sweet corn, carnival sweet pepper mix, pumpkins, early sweet sugar pie pumpkins, Lupine, yellow and green zucchini, morning glories, cauliflower, Blue Boy flowers and lettuce. I bought a blueberry bush too. Next week I’ll be picking up another one of these eco-friendly starter kits for organic gardening at Home Depot. I want to also get a raspberry bush too.

I’ve been postponing doing this for over two weeks now. My friend Matt mentioned he started his already and plants now are poking out of the soil. Why did I take so long? Fear. After all my excuses in my head for putting it off, my true fear is simply that I’m going to mess it up. Thing is, I can’t mess up if I don’t try. I’d rather fail and learn from that. So I’ll keep you updated on my plants and their progress.

A veggie I’m really excited about seeing is this watermelon radish:

How cool does that look? I love the colors and how it looks when you cut it. I’m going to have to figure out where everything will be placed in my garden. I want to till the soil this weekend if I can. My parents have been lucky with such naturally rich soil. I don’t have to worry about that so much as keeping the bugs away.

I keep reading about different ideas on how to keep the pests away. It ranges from using baking soda, onions/garlic between rows, and certain flowers to attract other bugs that will eat the pests. I’m going to need fencing as well because we have wild turkeys and rabbits in my back yard.

Speaking of Turkeys... look who was in my yard picking bread this morning 🙂

Last thing I want is a great harvest that will be eaten by my forest neighbors. Do you have any advice? I’ve looked online and in the Urban Farming Magazine.

New gardening gloves. My first pair that are actually mine officially!

Other than the occasional chilly weather (and possible snow tomorrow.. lame.), it’s been warm enough to enjoy long walks with my friend Chrissy. We’ve been doing 5-8 miles when we walk. Her and I took a ride of Trader Joes for some stuff… and also the liquor store next door for some wine. She grabbed a nice red wine, but I held off. She got me something anyway:

She also let me borrow Clockwork Orange to check off my list of books I've wanted to read.

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  1. What an ambitious garden–awesome! Of course you have to try, and you can’t really fail at gardening anyway. Some plants will be a flop, that’s just a guarantee even if you’ve have a garden for years. Glad you’re giving it a go, can’t wait to hear about it all!

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