Healthy Quick Pizza


Friday is usually pizza night at my house. Even though pizza can be cheap.. buying for a family can get expensive, especially if it’s every week. That’s a lot of dough. On top of that, I feel this ping of guilt for eating away the calories I just burned off. I mean, I just came back from the gym with my best friend Kelly. We both did 2 miles. Her and I are trying to get in peak shape for this summer. So to gorge away all those burned calories hurts mentally and physically. So what to do? My dad mentioned we had some left over meat sauce from pasta night on Wednesday.

I love using left overs. It’s nice clearing out your fridge and knowing that every dollar was used and consumed. I understand that things go bad, but it helps when you have a chance to make a totally new meal with left over things.

For this all you need is:

  • English muffin (I prefer using Thomas multi-grain 100 calorie ones)
  • lite mozzarella cheese
  • meat sauce/ or any kind of marinara that you have on hand
  • Italian seasonings (basil, oregano, parsley, ect)
  • toppings of your choice

Like I said, very simple but it really does make you feel like you are not giving up on your favorite food. I’m a sucker for pizza. I can eat a whole pie by myself; large. *oink oink*

Put your sauce on the cut halves of the muffin. Then add your seasoning and cheese on top of that. These really have no right way of doing it. It’s a pizza for goodness sake! Have it your way. 🙂 I was just feeling spinach tonight and there was already ground turkey in the meat sauce.

Put into your toaster oven and you can do this two ways. Either cook at 300 degrees or until browned/cheese has melted. Or you can just watch it when you press the toaster  knob timer. I like mine a little on the crispy side:





In other news:


1. I invested in a ukulele. I can already play “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and a little of “Banana Pancakes”. I taught myself “In My Easter Bonnet” on the bus today and played it for my kindergarten kids. They have never heard of the song! What are school teaching kids in music class?!


2. My seedlings are growing! Aren’t they cute? The biggest one is my watermelon radish.

It’s only been about a week. Only 11 out of the 75 have popped up.. is this normal? Need to buy my second box to start my second wave of seedlings. Woot! Looking forward to Easter too.

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