Happy 18th Birthday Little Brother! Also More Garden Updates!

Mom and I team worked a granny/mac apple pie today in less than an hour and it was so delicious! It must be a boy thing, because my brother kind of just wanted the pie to himself. No friends and simply dig right in with a half happy birthday in a capella. I’m getting a lot better with peeling. One thing I’m learning about food in general is patience. Patience growing, patience harvesting, and patience preparing. It seems I never really had that good of patience, and it’s been giving me the time to reflect and put the effort in.

We don’t use the flour. We put 2 tablespoons of cornstarch instead. No nutmeg. And the butter you put on top in small slice of your apple mix once your put it on top of the bottom crust.

Decided to show how to do it in a different way. We used the Better Homes Cookbook for this. My mom has always used this recipe for apple pies and the oil crust below. I made up my own for the previous berry pie one I did. This is the one my brother always requests on his birthday. He is in love with apple pies. Raw apples don’t love me as much. I got the juices on my hands and I ended up rubbing my eyes… well they swelled up to the point where my left eye was closed. So note to self, wash hands after peeling raw apples.

Do your egg wash for one egg and a little milk to brush onto the top crust and sprinkle cinnamon and white sugar on top.

I picked up a card for him at Market Basket. I’m totally not happy with the card selection they had, but it’s a supermarket after all. I could have made a better one, but I thought it was appropriate. Especially considering now he is old enough to legally get tattoos or piercings. I gave him the whole lecture of looking into safe places to have them done and making sure they use clean needles and such:


So my little brother is now 18, and my parents are realizing how much time has passed.

I think my dad also noticed that I’ve been kind of blue lately because I really wanted to start in on prepping the garden area. My mom walked into my room as I put a cool cloth on my swollen allergy eyes.

“Look out the window,” she said.


I’ve got a great dad. I rushed down and gave him a big hug and kiss. Home Depot also provided me with more options for my garden:

Strawberries, Red Potatoes, Garlic, and Yellow Onion!

I found this picture online too through Apartment Therapy’s blog:

Mom and I were thinking of going to Humarock Beach (our yearly summer place) and collecting rocks to make something like this for the garden. Our summer house burned down this year. I’ve been going there since I was about 6 or 7. It was like a second home to my cousins and I. We figured it’d be a nice way to remember Alice’s House.

I’m very excited watching the progress, no matter how slowly it takes. I think it makes me appreciate it that much more.


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