Connecticut Adventure and Free Green Overalls

So I took a trip down to Connecticut on Tuesday and stayed overnight. Megan convinced me to take a lovely mini vacation and the temptation of girl time/ Starbucks was dangled in front of my face. I came out of this trip with a treasure chest of goodies. I got:

  •     Green overalls (my 90s love is making me tingle when I wear these. All I need is a necklace with a baby pacifier)
  •     Blonde ground coffee for my French Press
  •     Blonde willow coffee beans as well
  •     A new Venti cold tumbler. You save 10 cents at Starbucks when you bring your own cup. It adds up.
  •     A new tall blue/white mug. She has a matching one.
  •     A bag filled with mixed teas from her collection
  •     A great dinner
  •     Entertainment from the movie “Lars and the Real Girl”

Megan is a lovely person. She makes you smile and want to be honest and silly. And I know this sounds crazy, but I never thought to bake bacon. I’m used to doing it in the pan. Blew my mind. You probably are thinking, “Pfft, Alicia… that’s so basic… how did you not know you could do that?” It was just a moment where it reminded me there is no one way to prepare food. There are a billion ways, and I like how it frees up the top of the oven while you prepare. I hate when bacon grease spits at you as you are trying to prepare other things next to it.

Put in the oven st 350 and flip after 15 minutes. Put back in for 10 more minutes and then flip. Add maybe 5 more minutes and it’s done. She used aluminum foil to avoid messes, but I was even thinking maybe when I do this to put them on a cookie rack that can go on top of the aluminum foiled cooking pan to get even more less grease. Opinion?

She used a brand called Applegate Farms. I love this brand, and I love how they go about packaging meat:

Our Mission: To change the way America eats meat

We always embrace three important principles:

Taste. Strive to make the best tasting products with no shortcuts and only natural ingredients.

Truth. Conduct our farming practices with integrity and treat our animals and land with respect.

Trust. Tell all of our story. Provide transparency into our industry and to our consumers.” – Applegate Farms Co.

It’s one of the few meats that doesn’t make me wonder what the heck I might be swallowing. Plus, it’s delicious.

She also showed me another way to break up mushrooms. She hates using a knife to do the fine cuts. Instead, Megan pulls them apart around the edges of the tops to make similar patterns to cut mushrooms. Faster way.

It was wonderful, simple, and quick. We used up her ham so that it wouldn’t go bad and she didn’t have to throw out so much. So it was a wonderful break from the monotony of Massachusetts. All this is is Yukon potatoes, caramelized onions, honey ham, bacon, spinach, mushrooms, basil, thyme, oregano, black pepper, and rosemary.

Today I organized my room. A much needed thing because I kind of just had my extra cookbooks/seeds/bowls and such in a box.

I felt so much better after. I’m going to Ikea tomorrow with my friends Erin and Ryan, and I’m hoping to find a wooden coffee table for my room. Yes, my bedroom. I kind of have a mini apartment in my parent’s house, and I try and make it as comfortable as possible. I’ve been collecting an assortment of magazine clippings and things I’ve found so I can mod podge it to the table. So it’d end up looking like a collage.

Things I Want to Make or Buy:

70 dollars at Newbury Comics.. but I still kind of want it.

I want to make similar bags but with different veggies or fruits.

Another meal at Chipotle Mexican Grill... zomg why is it so good?

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