First Time at Ikea

What is your dream kitchen?

Everyone has a particular flavor and style when it comes to interior decorating. I almost went to college for interior design, but I didn’t like the idea of having to deal with the stress of working with people who also might not know what they want. It isn’t until we are presented with rooms filled with goodies that we realize what our particular tastes are. My friend Erin prefers dark woods and blacks. I, on the other hand, prefer lighter woods, blacks and whites, and pops of colors. I got so excited going here like it was an amusement park… and we had the realization that this must be the true sign of getting old… when you get excited about furniture and kitchen goods. This was literally “Home and Garden” porn for my eyes. I ran around like a kid in Toys R Us.

I love the idea of chalkboards in a kitchen. I have a can of chalkboard spray paint from when I made my own chalkboard bottom wine glasses. It’s just a simplistic and very lovely touch to a kitchen instead of a hunk of dry eraser board taking up a chunk of your wall.

Everyone needs a nook area. It may not exactly look like this, but some place in your home you can escape to. Do you have one? What do you have in your nook? This is mine:

I picked up those mugs, some tree cork coasters, the glass bottle and the coffee table at Ikea today. That’s the table I plan to do a collage on. I also got a chance to pick up something to organize my shoes and boxes for my belts/hats/ect:

So if you have a free day, I suggest taking the time to just check Ikea out.

Grab your paper and pencil that they provide there…

And head on over to Ikea to have a day of realizing all the cool gadgets you didn’t think about having in your home or things you wished for.

One of my favorite rooms

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