Fruity Smoothie and Garden Update

After a long good 5-6 hours working on my garden area, I felt I deserved a healthy and delicious reward. We had a ton of variety of fruit in our fridge, and I needed to take advantage of that. Smoothies are really easy to make and they can be made however you prefer it. All you really need is a blender to make a smoothie.


Alicia’s Fruity Sa-moothie

You Need:

1/4 cup strawberries cut

1/4 cup of pineapple

1 cup of mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries)

1/2 cup Orange Juice (no pulp)

1/2 cup peach non fat yogurt

1. Put your ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.


I feel like I shouldn’t have to even give the directions, but I will. Simple as that. A couple minutes of blending and you are set to drink this vacation worthy drink. Don’t forget a cool straw. There is something about a cool straw that really makes it. I don’t want to drink my smoothie out of a plastic bottle. Give me a big glass, and life becomes grand.


In other news, I didn’t get into Food Corp. I was really sad about it, but this just means that I’m going back to college full time to finish a degree. Life happens and you just have to roll with the punches. So to boost up my mood, I got a new haircut to give myself a clean slate and new state of mind:


I worked on my garden for a good 5-6 hours today. I have a new found respect for all gardeners and farmers. Every part of me aches in a lovely way where I feel completely satisfied. A feeling of zen has washed over me. That is a good hard day of work. When the work doesn’t feel like work, but pure pleasure in it’s own way.

I made my own garden sign out of a piece of wood. I used chalkboard paint on the top part and a copper spray for the boarder. Now I can write little notes to myself of what I need to do next time I have to swing by the garden area or just happy sayings. Very easy to make, and I’m terribly addicted to chalkboard paint. It’s way too much fun to use.

Most of the plants were transferred and labeled, but I still have some more seeds to plant. I want to retry a couple that didn’t grow in my starter kits.

Next year I will not use those coconut fiber, organic starting soil. It might be that they held water too well, but I found that mold started to grow over most of them, and they didn’t do a great job. I also hated how lively and green the ones that did grow started, and then the leaves began to shrivel. Does anyone have any idea why this happened? Maybe I didn’t keep them warm enough or something.


I will finish the rest of my garden tomorrow. I have to make a chili pepper organic bug spray tomorrow and maybe look for some of those flowers that attract parasitic wasps. For now, ibuprofen and rest. The smoothie really topped the night though.



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