Salad in a Grapefruit. Watching your portions with the rind.

Sometimes to watch my portions especially with meat or even protein packed vegetarian options, I used my grapefruit rinds to hold my meals. It’s a great way to portion out your food and make it look fancy at the same time. I’ve been really into red grapefruits lately. My stomach gets upset or bloated, and the red grapefruit is there to save the day! I used to hate a lot of citrus foods as a kid, but as I’ve grown older I have found they can be my best friends. Packed with rich vitamin C and other things to keep my poor immune system running. When you work with children, especially in the first year, you seem to catch every cold and disease known to man one after the other. It’s constant punches I have to dodge. So such simple meals as the one above help keep it in check.

This has quinoa, broccoli slaw raw, cherry tomatoes, and romaine lettuce. Simple and easy for a quick dinner.

Another thing I’ve learned over time is, if you over eat at lunch… don’t overeat at dinner. Think about it and don’t regret. Just learn and use what you know to get back on track. Just because you spoiled the meal doesn’t mean you should spoil the day. Think of each meal like a fresh start and you should take advantage of that instead of living in regret of what you ate. It will leave you less stressed, and the choices will come naturally overtime.

Taste. Don’t be afraid to try new things. If you are allergic to something, don’t let that hold you back from a passion of food. Beat it by finding a way around it. Make your own versions of the things you may have to miss out on.

Smell. Pick up the next thing you cut or peel and breathe in the scent. Get to know your food and how they compliment each other. You will find the craziest combinations can go together.

Dream. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make something. Part of creating new recipes is taking leaps to see where your imagination can take you. Even if it is baby steps at first, remember that the basics will bring you to your wildest creations. So…

Learn. Never stop learning. When you think you know too much on a topic, question it. Push the limits.

Listen. Sometimes it hurts to hear critiques on our recipes, but that is what will help us grow. Take the ideas and consider them. You’ll be a better cook or baker.

Share. Share your passion with family, friends, and community. Food brings us together. It bonds us and keep us healthy and alive. Celebrate that.


2 responses

  1. That’s some really awesome advice. Portion control is probably my biggest issue. I eat organic and raw and home-prepared as much as possible to control what’s going in my body, I just have a terrible time limiting the amount I intake. When something tastes so good, I eat til I’m stuffed! I know its bad for me, but sometimes I can’t help it.

  2. Love the grapefruit idea, haha. I have tiny plates just for portion control reasons–but I use huge bowls. I figure what I’m eating from bowls–salads or soup–are going to be the healthy and veggie-ful things I CAN have lots of, while the plate stuff (grains, etc.) are still good for me, just not in the major quantities.

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