Earthfest 2012 in Boston

On Saturday, I volunteered from 8am-10:30am at Earthfest. This free concert is hosted every year in Boston around this time of the month, and there are always volunteer opportunities. This was my first year finally being able to go because I’ve always become sick around my birthday. Not this year! This year I volunteered and was placed with the Casella Recycling. My job was to set up the recycling bins and make sure that no recyclable items were shoved in the trash. I met a couple of new people who exchanged information with me; Charli and Jess. It was their first year volunteering there as well. I ended up spending more time with Jess than with Charli.

Pros of volunteering other than the sheer fact that you are helping others:

  • free cool t-shirt that states what your job was (so far I managed to ruin it in the wash. I’ll figure it out.)
  • VIP pass to sit up front close to the stage
  • free lunch (which was Panera’s Mediterranean Veggie, chips, and a pumpkin granola bar.) I got filled up on all the healthy sample food from Whole Foods Products. All junk food there cost an arm and a leg. So it influenced me to stay away from the greasy burgers and overpriced popcorn.

Tips for if you volunteer:

  • I love the early morning shift. I was done by 10:30am and the whole thing started at 11am. So I got to fully enjoy the entire show.
  • Volunteer as soon as they allow you to which is usually in April. It fills up fast.

As Jess and I were cleaning up and helping the tables break up their cardboard for recycling, I scoped out the different products and companies that came to give samples.

I was very excited to see Chipotle there with a table. I love their food and their table was flourishing with bright colors and the smell of salsa. They were giving away these cards that had the recipe for their salsa and seeds to grow your own cilantro. So I will share the recipe with you so that you can make a little Chipotle at home.

Whole Foods had a huge line in their tent. I only caught a glimpse of the inside while they were setting up because the wait to get in by the time I got to the tent was too long for my patience.

Chobani was also there and Tribe Hummus. By the end of making my rounds to every same table, I had a huge bag filled with healthy options to try. It’s nice to work hard and not ruin it with fatty or high calorie foods. My only issue with a lot of samples were that they had a lot of them that were processed in places with nuts or peanuts. So I had to give a lot of my samples to a friend. On the other hand, they were very good on being on top of being able to supply the ingredients list and assure me that their product was safe or whether I should avoid it.

The bags that were handed out were well made. I can use mine for future groceries and know the straps won’t break. I’m mentioning the yellow and green bag in the picture above.

A lot of different philosophies were expressed. I have a lot of pamphlets that were given to me.

A variety of people came. I got to sample local products while interacting with a lot of people; all sharing the love of the earth and the food we produce. We also were there for the bands. A local band called Twin Berlin, Eve 6, Switchfoot, Spin Doctors, and Third Eye Blind were playing. I used to listen and own a lot of Switchfoot CDs when I was still in high school. To finally see them and the other 90’s bands I’ve wanted to see for free and up close was wonderful. Last year OK Go and a couple of other big bands played. So if you want a chance to hang with friends outside and soak in the sun and music, go. Just, go.

Lead singer of Switchfoot.

Though beware of Boston sometimes… as I was heading to my parking garage in the Commons, I was attacked by zombies.

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