Survived Another Year! 24! Happy Birthday to Me :)


My mom baked me a vanilla frosted spice cake. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had spice cake. I don’t think she ever made me one before, but it was the perfect way to end the night. It was peaceful and no stress creeping up. The cards become more important as you get older than just ripping open to find the money like we all did as kids. All of my grandparents sent me a card and a short letter inside. My parents gave me money for the bike I want to get, and my brother hugged me a lot. The kids on my junior high bus ride sang me happy birthday, and I cringed when they chanted “Are you 1? Are you 2? Are you 3?…”

“Skip to twenty and go up from there… it’ll be faster,” I said.

I was in a particular good mood because I ordered my contacts and got my business in order in my life. I even chatted to my eye doctor about the major I’m changing to, Environmental Health. He wrote down some documentaries I should watch and we chatted about agriculture and our feelings towards food. His wife is a vegetarian after reading a book when she was 14 on the subject of how out food is processed. Both him and I agreed we were more on the “picky omnivore” side if you had to make up some form of a label.I should hear back from the college I will transfer to sometime this week I hope. I want to go back in the fall. I’m just trying to consider if I want to direct myself more towards nutrition and dietary needs. I’ll figure it out.


So overall, I see a happy future coming up.

A lot to do.

Many people to meet.

Much to learn.


I have an idea for my next meal involving artichokes. I’m on an artichoke kick. For now, I will enjoy my cake and eat it too.


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