Avocado Artichoke Dip and Cilantro Mango Dip

So I feel like I’ve been MIA for a good month now. With weddings and my application to college for the fall… it’s been busy. Well enough of that!  Back to the food! I’ve missed writing here and sharing more experiences with you. Since I last talked to you all I’ve:

  • Been to 2 weddings
  • Took a wine making course (post to follow soon)
  • Bought my first wine making kit.. it’s going to be a Malbec!
  • Got accepted into the Honors Program at the college I applied to! Woot!
  • Learned some new recipes
  • Found out that ignoring your garden can still get you something
  • Was shown a raised garden and given advice for my future gardening endeavors.
  • Went to an amazing tea shop in Portland Maine called Dobra Tea.

So I’ve been busy. These two recipes I learned while at my cousin Kevin’s wedding. His bride’s family had a feast of foods at their 100 acre property in Kentucky. This piece of land took my breath away. Her grandparents  built their log cabin themselves; log by log.

We were able to take a hay ride around the property to see everything. There were even fresh blackberries and raspberries growing on bushes on the boarder of the corn.

We snagged what we could and plopped them into our mouths. Her grandparents didn’t even know they had them. However, they did know and taught me about a weird looking fruit called a hedge apple. Apparently these things are poisonous, but are great at keeping away spiders. You cut the hedge apple in half and put it in a corner of a room. It has a chemical substance in it that keeps them and other pests away.

The food was a wonderful way to finish the hay ride. I helped myself to two filling dips that were made and I begged for the recipes. The Artichoke one originally calls for mayo, but I switched it for avocado instead. I’d rather have good fats going into my body if I’m going to enjoy something fattening. Lately I’ve been going on an artichoke craze. Everywhere I look… artichokes.

Avocado Artichoke Dip (vegetarian)

You Need:

14 oz Artichoke Hearts chopped

3/4 cup Avocados mashed/ puree

1/4 cup grated Parmesan Cheese

1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

Dash of Garlic Powder

1. Heat oven to 350 degrees

2. In a medium bowl, stir ingredients and spread them into an un-greased 9 inch Quiche or pie pan. A 1 quart shallow casserole dish works just as well.

3. Bake uncovered 25-30 minutes

This Mango one was given to me by my Aunt Lynne. She found it and it has to be one of my favorite dips now next to the one above. Great summer time feel to it.

Cilantro Mango Dip (vegan)

You Need:

2 Mangos cut up

1 English Cucumber

2  Jalapenos

1/2 bunch of cilantro

1 Lime

1/2 Large Red Onion

1 tsp salt

1. Cut up your ingredients and mix together in a bowl. Squeeze the juice of one lime over the ingredients, sir, and enjoy!

2. Serve with chips

I’m not too worried about finding fresh cilantro. Even though I’ve been ignoring my garden, some plants took off on their own. The Watermelon Radish I was so excited about trying actually pulled through. I also got some chives, cilantro, catnip,romaine lettuce and basil. I really need to weed it, but I’m happy to know my garden wasn’t a total flop. If anything, I am proud.


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