Bloomberg Plan Aims to Require Food Composting –

Hey everyone! I am back and ready to give out some awesome recipes, new places to eat, farmers markets, our UMass Lowell Community Garden, and other DIY ideas. A lot has happened since I last posted, and I’m in a better place in my life.

I thought I’d share this cool article for some food for thought 🙂

Learn about nutrition with me!

Bloomberg Plan Aims to Require Food Composting -


Dozens of smaller cities, including San Francisco and Seattle, have adopted rules that mandate recycling of food waste from homes, but sanitation officials in New York had long considered the city too dense and vertically structured for such a policy to succeed.

Recent pilot programs in the city, though, have shown an unexpectedly high level of participation, officials said. As a result, the Bloomberg administration is rolling out an ambitious plan to begin collecting food scraps across the city, according to Caswell F. Holloway IV, a deputy mayor.

The administration plans to announce shortly that it is hiring a composting plant to handle 100,000 tons of food scraps a year. That amount would represent about 10 percent of the city’s residential food waste.

Anticipating sharp growth in food recycling, the administration will also seek proposals within the next 12 months for a company to build a plant…

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Facts on Tea


People think that tea comes from a many number of tea-plant species since there are so many types of tea that we are accustomed to drinking. After going to a tea tasting at a place in Portland, Maine called Dobra Tea, I learned this was not the case. When we hear white, black, or green tea we may assume that it might be due to the plants being close to those colors or how the leaves are. There is so much more about tea that I never knew until I went to this tea tasting.

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

I didn’t feel like making a pie today. I wanted something to snack on that had pumpkin in it. I already made muffins, but I’ve never made them in cookie form. Pumpkin and chocolate? Yum. Though now I have to pick up more pumpkins to carve for later. That just means I give myself an excuse to go on another hay ride this year and maybe pick some apples while I search for the perfect carving pumpkin. That is part of why I love fall. The weather is just right where you don’t sweat when hiking, the leaves change, and I get this need to want to bake again. Colder weather makes me think of warm apple cider and cuddling.

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Life Alive Homemade Favorite Spin-off: Kale, Tofu, Carrots, Quinoa, Ginger/Soy Sauce

Hey Readers!

Lots of things have been going on in my life. I’ve been attempted to set up a new job while continuing my education. I love my classes in my Environmental Health major, and I’m looking into future paid internships at the USDA. So that’s basically where I have been. This is my quick and delicious recipe for days when I really just need to focus on homework.

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Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese Glaze


I know that it’s still August, but even Trader Joes has tempted me with Fall by bringing out their Pumpkin Ales. Soon Starbucks will have their Pumpkin Lattes, and Dunkin Donuts will bring out their famous Pumpkin Muffins. Well, why not make something much more delicious at home and the correct portion size?

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Acadia Popovers and Giveaway

*Details in post

I just got back from my vacation in Acadia, Maine. What a gorgeous place! After 3 years of wanting to go, I finally went camping there. Acadia is one of those places that there is simply too much to do in such a short period of time. I’m going to have to go back and plan out more. For the most part, my meals consisted of lobster rolls and clam chowder. I really wanted to go visit Jordan’s Pond for some tea and their legendary popovers, but I couldn’t justify close to 15 dollars and up on simple desserts and tea. Instead, I bought the Popover mix and some fresh wild blueberry jam from Maine. I was trying to find something to bring back to hold a little reader’s contest, and I felt that the jam and popovers really reflect well on Acadia.

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Eating Healthy Camping Tips (My weekend at Lake Lake Ossipee)

This past weekend I had the best time with a couple of my friends up at Lake Ossipee in New Hampshire. We had planned a weekend of swimming and hiking up near the White Mountains. One thing we all agreed on was that we wanted to eat decently healthy. It almost seems like a waste to enjoy the outdoors and pig out only on chips, preservatives, and food mostly made of fat. So I wanted to go over some tips that I have learned and still learning during my great outdoor adventures.

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Peter Piper’s Eggy in a Basket

I had just finished my workout at the gym, and I wanted to really avoid the Friday pizza night. It’s really hard to get back on track when you have slacked off. That goes for anything; not just the gym. Like this website for example. I really want to progress further, but due to money and my head being all fuzzy/ baking blocked… well I’ll get on the ball. Anyways, this was what I was striving for, and it is not as easy as it looks. My friend Megan sent me a photo on Facebook of this:

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Collage Your Table


This is a very simple and very cheap project to really bring life into your tables or even chairs. In an earlier post I mentioned I loved to have wild colored furniture. I have been collecting magazine pictures, CD album art, my own photography, and things I’ve found in my travels. I bought a really cheap coffee table at Ikea, and I plan to do something similar with my round coffee table. I actually might use blackboard paint on it so that I can doodle or make notes on the table for parties. Continue reading