Collage Your Table


This is a very simple and very cheap project to really bring life into your tables or even chairs. In an earlier post I mentioned I loved to have wild colored furniture. I have been collecting magazine pictures, CD album art, my own photography, and things I’ve found in my travels. I bought a really cheap coffee table at Ikea, and I plan to do something similar with my round coffee table. I actually might use blackboard paint on it so that I can doodle or make notes on the table for parties. Continue reading


Dreaming of Spring

I was looking through old photos of my first apartment, and I found some pictures that I took of the chairs I painted. I love bright colors. We had a porch, and I wanted the outside to glow. A place to read and bring inspiration. I was so happy making these. All you need is a couple of old chairs and some spray paint and some base color paint. Who cares about matching.. surprise me.

I love spirals…

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