Food Corps Application In!

A couple months back, I happened to stumble upon a site called Civil Eats. They had an article on a program called Food Corps, and I did some further research on it. I’ve been at a loss for what I wished to do as a career for awhile now. I’ve switched majors in college more than four times (all similar subject areas ex: Art, History, and English). I still haven’t finished college, but I don’t want to waste my money on something I’m not sure about. When I read this article, I felt like I found a break in the clouds. The more I read about the program, the more excited I got about the possibilities it could open up for me.

Food Corps is a program where you dedicate a year of your life to community service, and you help teach nutrition, build school gardens, and work with local farms to place more natural foods onto our children’s lunch trays. I would be helping with other farmers and even help come up with the lunch ideas. There is so much I can benefit from this. Click on the picture to learn more.

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