Eating Healthy Camping Tips (My weekend at Lake Lake Ossipee)

This past weekend I had the best time with a couple of my friends up at Lake Ossipee in New Hampshire. We had planned a weekend of swimming and hiking up near the White Mountains. One thing we all agreed on was that we wanted to eat decently healthy. It almost seems like a waste to enjoy the outdoors and pig out only on chips, preservatives, and food mostly made of fat. So I wanted to go over some tips that I have learned and still learning during my great outdoor adventures.

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Earthfest 2012 in Boston

On Saturday, I volunteered from 8am-10:30am at Earthfest. This free concert is hosted every year in Boston around this time of the month, and there are always volunteer opportunities. This was my first year finally being able to go because I’ve always become sick around my birthday. Not this year! This year I volunteered and was placed with the Casella Recycling. My job was to set up the recycling bins and make sure that no recyclable items were shoved in the trash. I met a couple of new people who exchanged information with me; Charli and Jess. It was their first year volunteering there as well. I ended up spending more time with Jess than with Charli.

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Nashoba Winery and Tour

For Earth Day, Chrissy and I celebrated in a way Dionysus would’ve approved of. What better way to celebrate the earth and all its wonders then over wine that has been grown, harvested, fermented, and bottled on the same 52 acres we were standing on. Welcome to Nashoba Winery in Bolton, MA! This is one of my favorite day trips to take because you can do so much there at a pretty cheap price. Wine tasting is only$5.00 and the tours are $10. The wines and spirits range from 11 dollars and up too. Even as I wrote this, I was enjoying a glass of their classic and most favored Plum Wine. That is what brought us on this pilgrimage in the first place. One taste and you become hooked. Chrissy had never gone before while I had the neglected pleasure of having it less than ten minute from my house when I lived in Clinton, MA. I had only been there once before with my parents, and I never got to explore the area. Yes, I wine tasted, but I didn’t engorge on the possibilities and knowledge that this winery offers.

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Food Corps Application In!

A couple months back, I happened to stumble upon a site called Civil Eats. They had an article on a program called Food Corps, and I did some further research on it. I’ve been at a loss for what I wished to do as a career for awhile now. I’ve switched majors in college more than four times (all similar subject areas ex: Art, History, and English). I still haven’t finished college, but I don’t want to waste my money on something I’m not sure about. When I read this article, I felt like I found a break in the clouds. The more I read about the program, the more excited I got about the possibilities it could open up for me.

Food Corps is a program where you dedicate a year of your life to community service, and you help teach nutrition, build school gardens, and work with local farms to place more natural foods onto our children’s lunch trays. I would be helping with other farmers and even help come up with the lunch ideas. There is so much I can benefit from this. Click on the picture to learn more.

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